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Home Renovations and Property Extensions in Worthing

Home renovations and property refurbishments restore the appearance and functionality of dwellings in the Worthing area, often after an initial purchase or an investment from the owner. House extensions add living space to existing properties in the form of an addition. All three of these services require the talents and the experience of time-served builders.


Step Up Building Ltd, established in 2010, is a first-choice company for property extensions, renovations and refurbishments in Worthing and the surrounding areas.


House extensions and home renovations involve significant structural changes from the builders you hire. In the case of property extensions, this covers everything from the excavation, groundworks and foundations to the walls, floors, ceilings and roofing. Home renovations frequently require alterations to floor layouts and defective building elements.


Some house extensions in the Worthing area require renovation work before the builders start the physical construction, perhaps on projects where the homeowner wants to build an addition that incorporates an existing property feature such as a chimney breast.


Builders who perform property extensions and home renovations work inside regulatory parameters called Building Regulations, and even have to consider some boundaries set by local authorities in terms of what they can and cannot use by way of materials. While restrictions of this kind most often apply to listed buildings in Worthing, they do have an impact of house extensions and renovations on a sizeable number of period properties too.


Builders and Property Refurbishments


Property refurbishments in Worthing differ to house extensions and home renovations in the fact they are less intrusive. Generally, a refurbishment restores the condition and the appearance of a property. Builders ultimately bring the building back to a good state of repair and their work includes interior improvements such as screeding or laying a new type of flooring, plastering damaged walls, replacing windows or painting around frameworks.


Because home renovations tend to be more complex than property refurbishments, they often cost more in terms of labour and materials. Property extensions cost more still, and the rate per m² can be between £1,000 and £2,000 based on whether customers in Worthing require a basic build or something of a much higher quality and specification.


Funding house extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments needs strong consideration. Those with enough money and a big enough budget in reserve can hire builders with a little or no worry but those in the Worthing area with less to spend often rely on credit cards, secured loans or a cashing in on a property’s equity to get the job done.


We advise you to think through your options carefully, and to only reach an agreement with our builders once you have a realistic plan in place that won’t lead to financial hardship.


Planning Permission and Approval


Because property refurbishments require no structural changes and only focus on bringing different parts of a home back to an original condition, they very rarely, if ever, require planning permission. Nearly all house extensions and most home renovations will need approval. Our builders regularly deal with local authorities and planning departments in the Worthing area and liaise effectively to obtain the permissions you need without any delays.


Planning considerations for property extensions include:


• Approvals granted for up to 8m at the rear of detached single-storey homes

• Similar permissions granted up to 3m at the rear of detached double-storey homes

• Single-storey house extensions allowed up to 4m in height to the ridge and eaves

• Double-storey extensions allowed to within 7m of the rear boundary

• All extensions must consist of materials similar to those used on the main build

• Property extensions must stay inside the building line of the original property

• No extension, single or double-storey, can cover more than half the garden space


Our builders help in the delivery of a full turnkey and project management service. Step Up Building Ltd offers free surveys, consultations and quotations to homeowners in all parts of the Worthing area. House extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments are the cornerstones of our business, but we also offer a full supporting range of general building services – which we personally tailor to your individual needs and requirements.


Please contact us today and talk to our builders about your own ideas and inspirations.


Call our builders on 07731 198569 or 01342 323587. We cover Worthing with a full service range that includes house extensions, renovations and refurbishments.

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