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Property Extensions in Haywards Heath | Our Services Explained

Here at Step Up Building Ltd, we offer our clients in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas an extensive range of building and construction services. From property refurbishments to new builds, and from property extensions to home renovations, as foremost builders in the region, we offer solutions to every construction need. For the ultimate clarity, we have outlined below what each of the services we undertake consists of. So, whether you chose us as builders for a house extension or a new bathroom installation, you know exactly what to expect.


1. Property Refurbishments

When it comes to property refurbishments in Haywards Heath, the scope for possible work is broad. Whether you hire builders for the design and installation of a new bathroom or kitchen, improved plumbing or heating work, electrical services, plastering, carpentry or roofing, property refurbishments can take place in any area of a home. What makes them different to home renovations, however, is their more focused nature. Property refurbishments usually only take place in a singular room or a specified area. Due to this, property refurbishments provide the perfect way to develop a home over a prolonged period of time.


2. Home Renovations

When compared with property refurbishments, home renovations in Haywards Heath take on a much larger scale. Home renovations consist of improvement and updating work on the entire property. As experienced builders, we usually undertake home renovations on properties that have been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair or have simply been unused for so long that they no longer comply with current Building Regulations. By carrying out a range of home renovations, the builders at Step Up Building can return any premises in Haywards Heath back to its former glory.


3. Property Extensions

One of our most popular services in the Haywards Heath area, property extensions solve both short and long-term problems. The primary motivating factor for a house extension is the need for extra space. Whether it’s simply a matter of storage, a growing family or fulfilling dreams of home development, a house extension creates that additional space without the worries and concerns associated with moving. From planning permission where required to complete project management, as your chosen builders we create a house extension fit for any home. What’s more, property extensions constructed by specialist builders add significant financial value to your house.


4. New Builds

When property extensions, property refurbishments or home renovations won’t do, a new build provides Haywards Heath clients with the perfect opportunity to create a home from scratch. As your builders of choice, we work in close conjunction with you to ensure that your new build becomes everything you want it to be. With the opportunity for complete design input, new builds allow you to create a home that reflects your taste and style preferences. With incorporated safety and security features supplied by our builders, a Step Up Building new build is the perfect way for our Haywards Heath clients to start a new chapter.


For more information regarding our additional services, please visit the general building services page.


If you’d like to discuss your options for house extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments in Haywards Heath, call 07731 198569 or 01342 323587.

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