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Home Renovations in Burgess Hill | 3 Ways We Add Value to Properties

As genuinely local builders in the Burgess Hill area, Step Up Building Ltd takes great pride in the reputation we have for unrivalled construction services. From property extensions to new builds, and from property refurbishments to home renovations, we offer solutions for an array of issues that present themselves to homeowners. Not only does our work provide a new lease of life for properties, it also plays a pivotal role in increasing its value in the long-term. Whether it’s a house extension or improved electrical work, our builders can help Burgess Hill homeowners in more ways than one.


Below, we have outlined 3 of the most common ways that we add value to properties when hired as builders of choice.


1. Property Extensions

Adding square-footage to your home in Burgess Hill remains the perfect way to increase its size to suit your needs as well as adding significant value. A house extension, whether a new bathroom, a larger kitchen or a double-storey offering with living space upstairs and down, has long been a reliable investment for property owners. A report by the NAEA (the National Association of Estate Agents) found that property extensions carried out by experienced, accredited builders increased a home’s value by as much as 11%. With this upside, as well as avoiding the need to move completely, it’s little wonder why a house extension continues to prove so popular for our Burgess Hill clients.


2. Property Refurbishments

With such a wide range of possibility, it’s impossible to give one accurate figure for the increase in value brought about by property refurbishments. The most common form of property refurbishments undertaken by our builders for Burgess Hill clients continue to be kitchen and bathroom installations. A study carried out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) found that a new kitchen adds as much as 4% to overall property value, while Nationwide Building Society discovered that a new bathroom can bring about an increase of approximately 5%. Regardless of the property refurbishments carried out by our builders, there’s little doubt that they bring about an overall increase in value.


3. Home Renovations

The value added by home renovations depends on the condition of the property when it was bought and the extent of the renovations undertaken by the chosen builders. If the Burgess Hill property was purchased in a dated condition or a state of disrepair, there’s little doubt that wholesale home renovations can see a drastic rise in resale value. Garage improvements can bring about a 20% increase, improved energy-efficiency 14%, open-plan living space 6%, garden landscaping 7.5%, a conservatory 5%, new flooring 3% and replacement of roof materials 3%. Even from this basic list compiled by Towergate Insurance, it’s clear to see that extensive home renovations can return a large increase in property value for Burgess Hill homeowners.


Step Up Building offers free consultations and estimates. If you’d like to discuss property extensions, property refurbishments or home renovations with one of our builders, please contact us.


To talk over your options for house extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments in Burgess Hill, call 07731 198569 or 01342 323587.

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