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House Extensions and Property Refurbishments in Brighton

Based in East Grinstead, Step Up Building offers widespread coverage across the entire South of England region. The seaside town of Brighton is an important area for our builders. It should come as no surprise that we’ve already finished a sizeable number of house extensions, home renovations and property refurbishments in Brighton. With a population in excess of 155,000 people, it is a location with plenty of work available for builders.


Homeowners in Brighton come to us with a variety of ideas and we interpret different concepts in such a way as to tie them in with our work. Property extensions, renovations and refurbishments utilise many of the same skills, but stand independently as individual services. This page helps prospective customers to understand the work our builders do.


House Extensions


House and property extensions cover the same types of work. These are additions to existing properties in Brighton. For every person who uses builders to construct a new property, fifteen more opt for house extensions. In nearly all cases, the purpose of an extension is to create a particular room (a kitchen a bathroom or a bedroom, for example).


More often than not, homeowners call in builders to construct property extensions because they need more living space and don’t want to move away from the Brighton area.


A house extension is an investment, and requires careful planning to enable a seamless integration into the existing property layout. Practical issues also need consideration from our builders, especially in terms of access, rights of way, soil conditions, drainage and, most importantly, any potential impact on surrounding environments in the Brighton area.


Planning permission and compliance with the current building regulations also play major roles in property extensions and room additions. Because Step Up Building offers a full turnkey and project management service, everything the customer needs comes supplied in a single package. We build single and double-storey house extensions for Brighton homes.


Home Renovations


Most builders advertise home renovations and property refurbishments without letting their customers know the key differences between each service. Home renovations typically refer to work in Brighton where builders restore physical elements to as-new condition or, at the very least, to a good state of repair. While renovation and refurbishment work tends to be interchangeable, they are, in fact, different services with very different objectives.


It is common for builders to combine home renovations and property refurbishments into single projects because separate parts of a build often require one service or the other.


We most frequently renovate older period properties in Brighton. This presents a series of challenges, especially on projects where a previous generation of builders has used asbestos or lead-based paint. Another major issue for tradesmen is finding superseded materials so that the visual elements of home renovations perfectly match the original elements.


Our builders bring more than fifty years of experience to the table and merge traditional craftsmanship with modern working practices to achieve the very best results.


Property Refurbishments


Property refurbishments refer to the cleaning, equipping or retrofitting of different features and elements, either inside or outside of homes in the Brighton area. Most refurbishment projects restore the functionality of a property but the overall quality of the finish won’t reach the high standards achieved during a renovation. This is why builders nearly always charge more for house and home renovations than they do for property refurbishments.


This is not to say, however, that refurbishments are in any way substandard.


Consider one of today’s modern smartphones as an example. If somebody refurbishes one of the latest models with an original retail value of £600 and sells it for £400, is the device likely to perform any less efficiently than an equivalent smartphone purchased off the shelf?


In all likelihood, it will perform just as well.


Our builders like customers from the Brighton area to think of property refurbishments in much the same way, and to see their work as an opportunity to bring a home back to the point where it becomes an attractive, practical and, ultimately, happy environment. Step Up Building welcomes enquiries from homeowners in Brighton, Hove and all nearby locations.


Call our builders on 07731 198569 or 01342 323587. We cover Brighton with a full service range that includes property extensions, renovations and refurbishments.

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